Volume 9, Issue 2 published

· Sport and Peace, Volume 9, Issue 2

Publication of Volume 9, Issue 2

The Journal of Sport for Development (JSFD) is pleased to announce the publication of the second issue of the journal’s ninth volume.

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JSFD’s mission is to advance, examine and disseminate evidence and best practices for programs and interventions that use sport to promote development, health and/or peace. JSFD is the first peer-reviewed, open-access journal devoted to exclusively publishing research from the field of Sport for Development.

Articles in this issue

Exploring the Impact of Soccer Camp on Social Identity for Youth with Cerebral Palsy

Rio James, Skye Gerald Arthur-Banning, Margaret Domka

Principles-of-action used by an eductrainer to create social bonds through sport in a psychosocial intervention program

Luc Parlavecchio, Nicolas Moreau, Brice Favier-Ambrosini, Tegwen Gadais

The Contribution of Sport to the Sustainable Development Goals: Insights from Commonwealth Games Associations

Haydn Morgan, Anthony Bush, Darragh McGee

“It makes me want to take more steps”: Racially and economically marginalized youth experiences with and perceptions of Fitbit Zips® in a sport-based youth development program

Trevor Bopp, Joshua D. Vadeboncoeur

The influence of peers on life skill development and transfer in a sport-based positive youth development program

Leeann M. Lower-Hoppe, Dawn Anderson-Butcher, Tarkington J. Newman, Jessica Logan

Thank you to the authors and reviewers who contributed to this issue.

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