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The impact of the Hoodlinks Programme on developing life skills and preventing youth violence in Guatemala City

Hoodlinks is a sporting programme focused on the development of Olympic values that is run in two of Guatemala City’s most violent zones. A total of 116 (80 males; 36 females) athletes (average age = 13 yrs.) participated in this study along with five coaches. Using a mixed-methods longitudinal design, athletes completed a series of questionnaires six months apart that assessed their level of aggressive and caring behaviours, use of life skills both in and outside the Hoodlinks programme, and their overall quality of experience within the programme. Interviews with athletes, their parents/guardians, and the programme’s coaches also took place at both time periods. Results showed high positive experiences in the Hoodlinks programme at both time periods, significant increases in the use of life skills within the Hoodlinks programme as assessed by their coaches, and significant increases in overall communication skills. Interviews with the participants highlighted the importance of running the programme directly in high risk areas and the positive impact that the programme had on the development of life skills for the athletes, the positive changes within the communities where Hoodlinks took place, and the additional levels of support that the Hoodlinks programme had provided to athletes and their families. Recommendations for helping athletes transfer the life skills learned within the programme to their everyday lives are provided.

Examining the role of life skills developed through Salvadoran physical education programs on the prevention of youth violence

James Mandigo1, John Corlett2, Pedro Ticas3 1 Brock University, Centre for Healthy Development through Sport and Physical Activity, Canada 2 MacEwan University, Vice President Academic and Provost, Canada 3 Universidad Pedagógica de El Salvador, Department of Research, El Salvador Citation: Mandigo, J., Corlett, J., Ticas, P. Examining the role of life skills developed through Salvadoran […]

Exploring stakeholders’ experiences of implementing an ice hockey programme for Inuit youth

Corliss Bean1, Tanya Forneris1 1 University of Ottawa, Department of Human Kinetics, Canada Citation: Bean, C., Forneris, T. Exploring stakeholders’ experiences of implementing an ice hockey programme for Inuit youth. Journal of Sport for Development. 2016; 4(6): 7-20. Download article as PDF Abstract The Nunavik Youth Hockey Development Program (NYHDP) is a sport-for-development programme designed […]

Football with three ‘halves’: A qualitative exploratory study of the football3 model at the Football for Hope Festival 2010

Katie Gannett1, Zachary A. Kaufman2, Melissa A. Clark3, Stephen T. McGarvey3 1 Grassroot Soccer, South Africa 2 London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Faculty of Epidemiology and Population Health, UK 3 Brown University School of Public Health, Department of Epidemiology, USA Citation: Gannett, K.R., Kaufman, Z.A., Clark, M.A., McGarvey, S T. Football with three […]